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Episode 3: Black Scholars Matter

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Episode 3: In the third and final part of our interview series with neuroscientist Dr. Kevin Jarbo, PhD, we discuss Kevin’s cultural leadership in academia. We focus especially on his work to create the <em>Black Scholars Matter </em>movement, which works to expand and celebrate the representation of black scholars and their scholarship. Kevin illuminates the importance of diversity and inclusion in making the university system better for everyone, and shares his personal experiences as both a student and a mentor.

[Fibers in banner image are colored based on whether they pass through the genu (red), anterior trunk (blue), medial trunk (green), posterior trunk (yellow) or splenium (violet) sections of the corpus callosum. Banner image reference: Jarbo, K., Verstynen, T. and Schneider, W., 2012. In vivo quantification of global connectivity in the human corpus callosum. Neuroimage59(3), pp.1988-1996.]

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