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Episode 2: Diffusion Tensor Imaging

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Episode 2: Dr. Kevin Jarbo, PhD, joins us to discuss his cutting-edge research to map the internal wiring of the human brain. Kevin’s scientific investigations use a range of neural imaging methods, including an advanced technique called diffusion tensor imaging, or DTI. We explore the physics and the physiology of DTI, and elaborate on why it matters for us to understand how the brain is wired. Kevin and Michael also wax philosophical about the rich potential for scientific knowledge about the human brain to help us appreciate our common humanity and transcend the boundaries that separate us from one another.

[Fibers in banner image are colored based on whether they pass through the genu (red), anterior trunk (blue), medial trunk (green), posterior trunk (yellow) or splenium (violet) sections of the corpus callosum. Banner image reference: Jarbo, K., Verstynen, T. and Schneider, W., 2012. In vivo quantification of global connectivity in the human corpus callosum. Neuroimage59(3), pp.1988-1996.]

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